Eco Management Group Ltd.

Sustainability in NZ

The New Zealand government announced several initiatives towards sustainability

  • Households and business for sustainability
  • Direct actions of the government : eco verification, national sustainability procurement framework, carbon neutrality plan
  • Towards zero waste

ECOM has worked in most of these areas in Europe, with the emphasis on building and town planning strategies. The focus was to identify the cost neutral options towards sustainability. (E.g. a green master plan which allowed energy savings for households up to 25% without any extra costs, an apartment building with a reduced heating demand by more than 50% was built for the same price as a conventional building).

Working in interdisciplinary teams and international collaboration are the working principles of ECOM Ltd.

The services of ECOM are based on the understanding that our Earth has natural limits to economic and population growth.

That means:

  • limited productive capacity due to limited resources
  • limited absorbent capacity of pollution