Green Architecture & Research

Researching and designing houses for todays living, and for future generations.

The increase of building costs in the western world over the last twenty years was mainly caused by higher demand for comfort. The real human demand for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate is often sacrificed for expensive interior design.

Our working steps:

  1. listen to the clients ideas
  2. use the principles of sustainable design to deliver a concept
  3. early cost estimation for installation and operation of heating and hot water systems by renewable technology
  4. delivering a design package including space heating, hot water and ventilation


Our experience in Green Architecture & Research includes:

  • 20 years of sustainable experience (research, design, monitoring) in Europe
  • Passive solar design
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Controlled ventilation
  • Heat pumps and heat recovery

Solar energy

Solar panel installation

Solar panel on roof

Retrofitted solar panel

Active use of Solar Energy

Hot Water Collectors

Roof integrated for:

  • Single family homes
  • Apartment buildings

Passive Use of solar energy

Passive solar

Passive use of Solar Energy

  • Larger / north facing windows
  • Conservatories

The right concept for:

  • Back up heating
  • Controlled ventilation
  • Heat recovery

First Generation of Low Energy Apartment Buildings

Green architecture

Low Energy Buildings

Low Energy Buildings in Germany (Ingolstadt) and Sweden (Halmstad)

International Collaboration. The goal of this project was to use the learnings of both the Swedish and German building industries by combing Swedish building construction with German heating technology. The concept was developed with an international planning team delivering a detailed analysis of the energy efficiency.

  • Two identical apartment buildings in Germany and Sweden
  • Energy performance monitored
  • More than 50% energy savings compared to a conventional German building
  • No additional investments compared with conventional apartment buildings in Germany
  • Sound experience with building, operating and monitoring of low energy buildings

Second Generation of Low Energy Apartment Buildings

Passive solar

controlled ventilation

Energy Concept for the Low Energy Buildings Dresden - Pappritz

This project was the logical next development stage for low energy apartment buildings in Germany. Using the Ingolstadt experience we developed a simple energy saving concept which was realized by the architects and engineers involved. The high insulated building envelop reduces the energy losses to a minimum during the heating season. The controlled ventilation system provides good indoor air quality over the whole year, central solar water heating was combined with a natural gas condensing boiler system to minimize the use of non renewable resources.

The components:

  • High insulated envelope
  • Passive solar design
  • Controlled ventilation
  • Heat recovery

One solar water heating and condensing gas boiler for 4 units

Low Energy building

Construction of low energy home 1

Construction of low energy home 2

Construction of low energy home 3

Low Energy Buildings 2

Passive Use of solar energy

Low Energy building - Eschborn

A hands-on project for two families. Passive solar design of a two story building in a high density suburb of Frankfurt. Combination of heavy internal walls and high insulated building envelop the best guarantee for a perfect indoor climate (warm in winter and cool in summer)

The components:

  • Built with prefabricated timber framed elements
  • High insulated building envelop internal brick walls
  • Conservatory
  • Pipework prepared for later solar collector installation
  • Controlled ventilation
  • Combined radiator and air heating system